Consulting Services

Small Business Consulting

Book a 2 HR Consultation (Phone/Skype)

**Get the right advice on how to get your business online and connected. **

A 2 hour consultation with one of our experienced Web specialists.

Identify your your online customers.

Develop a new approach to reach more customers with a Online Solution.

Social Media Marketing Planing

Our social media, SEO and online advertising experts will identify the clients' They focus on those tactics with the greatest potential for generating web site traffic and visual brand exposure and build practical campaigns with maximum user engagement at the lowest risk.

You provide Goals and Objectives

Target audience

Content and messaging and social media mix

2 Hour Session - Phone or Via Skype.
(min 2 Hours)

Online Blog Training

Online Blog Training (How to use your Blog) 1 HR

Hourly custom Tutoring Services - (Online/Hourly)

You provide Goals and Objectives

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